Go to Hell.

What is this mysterious structure?

What is this mysterious structure?

So at this point in the game I have found diamonds.



So that’s pretty cool but what do I do with them?  There are a few things. If you find diamonds while you are still pretty early in the game, I would recommend first building a diamond pickaxe. It is the fastest, most durable pickaxe in the game and the only pick capable of mining out obsidian. I’ll go through more uses of diamond later but those are more late-game topics.

So obsidian is a tough material that takes forever to mine at 9.38 seconds per block with a diamond pick. If any other pick is used it take a whopping 4 minutes to break a single block. It’s somewhat hard to find naturally, but it’s pretty easy to create. Obsidian is formed when flowing water hits a lava source block or lava that isn’t flowing. Basically you dump out a bucket of water over a lava pit and KAPOOYA! You created obsidian!

One of the main purposes of obsidian is for creating a portal to hell.

Basically a nether portal is built by placing a 4×5 rectangle of obsidian with a 2×3 hole in the center. Note the corner blocks are not necessary. To activate the portal, light a fire in the opening with a flint and steel. Refer to the photo to the left for a schematic.

Also known as “The Nether” to keep Minecraft rated E, this is the most difficult area to survive in. Honestly, there isn’t a ton to do in the Nether, but there are a few vital things to collect.

Fire, brimstone etc.

Fire, brimstone etc.

First, there’s netherrack. This is the red stone that is pretty much seen everywhere. It’s just an ordinary block other than the fact that when it is lit on fire, the fire won’t ever go out unless the player puts it out. Also it can be smelted to create a nether brick. The brownish block with the texture that kind of looks like faces is called soul sand. This is primarily used for farming nether wart which I will get to in a second.

Nether quartz

Quarts of Nether quartz.

There is one type of ore that can be mined in the nether as of 1.5, nether quartz. For every block of nether quartz mined out, you get a piece of nether quartz. 4 of these (in a square) are needed to make a block of quartz. Until we get to redstone however, nether quartz won’t serve much of a purpose.


Lastly there is glowstone that can be mined out. The blocks break upon mining so they are built in the same way that  quartz blocks are built. These blocks are light source blocks and are the only light source block that functions underwater.

Keep an eye out for dark blocks like in the picture below.

A dangerous place.

A dangerous place.

You’ll be opening up a whole new can of worms by going anywhere near them. I’ll save that for next time.


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  3. that guy

    well jack-o-lanturns also work as an underwater light source… definitly not a pretty one though

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